YWChency Punching Bag with Stand for Kids

The YWChency Punching Bag with Stand is perfect for those who want a little extra weight on their body. Made of high-quality PVC, this bag is durable and easy to clean. It also features 12 non-slip suction cups that keep the bag in place.

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  • This punching bag has a foldable PVC bag base, making it easier to transport and carry.
  • The bag comes with 12 nonslip suction cups, making it more stable than other free standing bags.
  • The PVC bag can be filled with sand or water bottles to make the center of gravity more stable.
  • The cover made of durable canvas makes the bag more durable and protects against wear and damage.


  • Can Be Carried When Traveling
  • Small Package Size
  • Fast Installation
  • Can Be Used As A Punching Bag


  • Must Be Installed And Filled By The User