Wing Chun Striking Target Three Sections Canvas and PU Leather

The Wall Punching Bag is perfect for those who want to practice their karate, mixed martial arts, or kung fu skills. Made of high-quality PU leather and canvas, this bag is durable and will last you for many years to come. It also features three individual sections, each with a protected zip. These sections are large enough to accommodate most any type of projectile, including plastic, fabric, gravel, or sand.

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  • A wall punching bag with three sections, each section having one protected zip.
  • The targets are on PU leather preventing bruises when punched.
  • On The back, there is a double layer of canvas giving better lifetime to our Tao WallBag.
  • The calligraphy “Wing Chun Quan” is printed on The top of our Punching bag, 3 rings on top et 2 at The bottom to fix It on a wall
  • Size : 35,5 inches x 10,6 inches


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  • Tough
  • Well Made
  • Filled With Rice Or Your Favorite Medium
  • Ready To Punch


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