Verb Energy – Peanut Butter Cookie Caffeinated Snack Bars

The Verb Energy – Peanut Butter Cookie Caffeinated Snack Bars are perfect for those who want a little boost of energy. These bars are made with organic green tea for just as much caffeine as an espresso, and provide lasting energy without the shakes, jitters, or crashes. With a flavor that is sure to please, these bars are perfect for snacking or eating on the go.

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  • The product is a pack of 16 caffeinated snack bars made with peanut butter and cookies.
  • The bars have a low sugar and calorie content, making them ideal for those who want to lose weight or maintain their current weight.
  • The bars are vegan and gluten free.
  • Each bar has 120 calories and 80 milligrams of clean caffeine.
  • The flavor of the bars is peanut butter and cookie.


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  • Great Little Snack
  • Can Be Customized
  • Flexible Timing And Portability
  • Affordable


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