Haybusa T3 Boxing Gloves Wrist and Knuckle Protection

The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for your hands. These gloves feature a tailored fit and feel smooth on your hands, and they offer world-renowned wrist support with a dual wrist strap system. They also have premium foam technology for ultimate knuckle protection, and they’re made from vylar engineered leather for superior durability.

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  • The Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves are designed with a revolutionary training glove in mind.
  • They feature world renowned wrist support and knuckle protection.
  • The gloves have a dual x hook and loop closure system.
  • they are made from vytar engineered leather
  • they come in black and gold colors


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  • Quality And Durability Are Unmatched
  • Comfortable
  • Well Worth The Cost


  • May Wear Out After A Few Months