Christmas Kids Punching Bag Humanoid Pattern Inflatable Boxer Stand

The Christmas Kids Punching Bag is a great way to get your kids active and help them burn off some extra energy. This bag is made of rugged PVC and is leak-proof, so it’s safe to use. The bag has a weighted base that makes it easy to keep in place. It also features two large targets for hitting. The bag is perfect for use in house or outdoors.

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  • The product is a Christmas Kids Punching Bagthat is 63 inches tall.
  • It is made of rugged PVC construction that is leak proof and has a smooth rebound when hit.
  • The bag comes with an air pump so you can easily inflate it.
  • It is perfect for children who want to exercise and have fun doing it.


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  • Good Product For Price
  • Can Be Used Multiple Times
  • Comes With Glass And A Sawtooth Hanger For Wall Mounting
  • Affordable


  • None Found