63inch Immediate Bounce-Back Anger Toy for Boys Girls Gifts

The Punching Bag for Kids is perfect for those who want to have some fun with their kids. With a thick, durable PVC construction, this bag is built to last. The large size provides plenty of room for both kids and adults to work out. The bag comes with a sand-weighted base that ensures stability.

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  • The product is a punching bag that is 63 inches tall and has a bottom diameter of 12 inches.
  • It is made of PVC material that is safe and durable.
  • The bag comes with an air pump and is easy to install.
  • The bag can be used for various purposes such as exercising, playing sports, and learning martial arts.


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  • Filling The Base With Water Will Pop And Spill
  • Many Reviews Recommend Filling The Base With Aquarium Gravel
  • I Could Fill The Base With 35 Pounds Of Cat Litter For $10


  • Can Be Difficult To Level
  • Not All Reviewers Agree On How To Level A Mod