Wesing Kids Kickboxer Training Glove

The Wesing Kids Professional Cute Boxing Gloves are perfect for any child who wants to take their training seriously. These gloves are made of premium synthetic leather for extended durability and comfort, and feature a blue color that will help them stand out on the gym floor. The gloves also have a palm hole design for optimal ventilation, and a full hook and loop closure for a secure fit.

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  • The gloves are made of premium synthetic leather, which is durable and comfortable.
  • they come in four colors: red, silver, yellow, and green.
  • The gloves have a full hook and loop closure to make them easy to put on or take off.
  • they have palm holes in the palms to promote faster drying times.


  • Cotton Canvas Is Soft And Breathable
  • Love These Gloves
  • Pockets To Put Your Hands So You Don’T Have To Choose Whether To Use Them As A Pair Or Not


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