Weanas Folding Heavy Bag Stand, Portable Sandbag Rack Freestanding Height Adjustable

The Weanas Folding Heavy Bag Stand is a durable and sturdy stand that is perfect for supporting your heavy bags. Made of iron frame with powder coating, this stand is equipped with an inflatable speed ball made of PVC material and has a triangular bottom design that is stable and firm. Three stabilizing pins hold the weight plates in place, and two more can be used to add extra stability to the stand. With a maximum load capacity of 132 pounds, this stand is up to six feet long and can accommodate most standard size heavy bags.

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  • The product is a heavy bag stand that is perfect for people who cannot use anchors or have limited space.
  • The design includes three triangular supports with extremely stability.
  • The material is made of iron and PU, making it strong and durable.
  • The overall size of the stand is small, making it perfect for placement on balconies, courtyards, and living rooms.


  • Easy To Use
  • Can Be Used In Many Ways
  • Fits A Variety Of Sizes
  • Can Be Put In A Corner Or Wall


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