Stress Buster Mini Desktop Punching Bag

The Hot Max Stress Buster Mini Desktop Punching Bag is perfect for taking away office strain and comfort. Made of high-quality PVC material, it is soft and durable, making it ideal for kids and adults alike. The durable spring bounces ensure that the ball stays put, while the well-constructed design prevents damage. With an included pump, it is easy to use, simply connecting the base and the spring, aligning them, and rotating the dial clockwise.

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  • The product is a desk punch bag toy designed to help relieve stress.
  • It is made of PVC material which is soft and durable.
  • The product comes with a suction cup base so it can be attached to any smooth and clean surface.
  • The product is easy to use and can help improve hand eye coordination.


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  • Sturdy
  • Super Suction Cup
  • Can Be Used With Or Without Net
  • Very Sturdy


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