SKLZ Super Sandbag Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag

The SKLZ Super Sandbag Heavy Duty Training Weight Bag is perfect for those who want to develop power and explosiveness. The bag is made of durable polyester and features four weight bags that must be filled with a high density material such as sand. The maximum weight limit is 40 pounds. The bag also includes a size-one size fit for a snug, comfortable fit.

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  • The product is a sandbag that is heavy duty and designed for strength building.
  • It comes with four 10 pound weight bags that are perfect for adding extra resistance during an exercise.
  • The sandbags are made of high quality material that is durable and washable.
  • The product is meant for indoor use only


  • Reduced Rest And Variety Of Movement
  • Can Be Used For Conditioning
  • Inexpensive
  • Control Helps Coordinate Small Stability Muscles


  • May Overfill Bags