simhoa PU Sandbag Punch Training Kid Children Boxing Gloves for Age 4-12

The Simhoa PU Sandbag Punch Training Kids Boxing Gloves are perfect for any kid who wants to learn how to box. These gloves are made of high quality PU leather and sponge with a blazing pattern on the fist, and they’re durable and long lasting. The secure sticker closure system ensures that the gloves stay in place while you train, and the breathable lings and holes design on the palm reduces sweating and keeps your hands cool. The inside lining is lined with high density EVA foam, which provides great resilience and softness.

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  • The product is made of high quality PU leather and sponge.
  • It is a durable and long lasting product.
  • The breathable design on the palm of the glove reduces sweating and makes them easier to wear.
  • The inside of the glove has a high density EVA foam mat which provides great resilience and softness.
  • The product comes with a secure sticker closure system to make sure a secure fit during training.


  • Can Be Used As A Wall Hanger
  • Comes With Glass And A Saw Tooth Hanger For Wall Mounting
  • Affordable


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