Rex Boxing/Punching Gloves and Fitness Training

The Rex 16oz Boxing/Punching Glove is perfect for those who want a close, secure fit with their gloves. Made from easy-to-clean and durable synthetic leather, these gloves are great for fitness classes or just lounging around the house. The lace-up feature provides a close, secure fit around the wrists, while the 16oz size ensures that they are an adult-sized glove.

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  • This product is a great way to get started in boxing or other fitness programs.
  • The gloves are made from easytouse, durable synthetic leather
  • they have a lace up feature that provides a close, secure fit around the wrists
  • the gloves are 16 ounces in size


  • They Look Awesome
  • Bought For Decoration
  • Can Hang Or Be Used As A Wall Mirror
  • Made Of High Quality Materials


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