PU Leather Punching Ball for Gym

The Speed Punching Ball is perfect for those who want to improve their punching skills or for those who just enjoy hitting things. Made from high-quality PU or leather material, this ball is designed to be durable and last you many years. It also features a black+red design that is sure to catch your eye.

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  • The product is made of high quality, durable PU or Leather material.
  • It has a heavy duty latex bladder that prevents loss of air even after being repeatedly punched.
  • The Triple Reinforced Seams make the bag more resistant to damage.
  • It is designed for rapid recoiling so that it can help develop your reflexes, increase your speed, and improve hand eye coordination.


  • The Kids Love It
  • It Is Educational And Fun
  • Comes With A Teacher Guide
  • The Puzzles Are Difficult But Fun


  • Some Of The Puzzles Are Difficult