PROLAST 5ft Filled 100LB Boxing MMA Muay Thai

The PROLAST 5ft Filled 100lb Boxing MMA Muay Thai 5ft Heavy Punching Kicking Bag is perfect for those who want a heavy-duty punching bag that can withstand a beating. The bag is filled with high-quality shredded cotton fabric and features double-ply nylon hanging straps with triple-stitched D-ring tabs. The bag has a balanced weighting system and is designed for extended sessions. The dimensions are 14″x14″x60″, and the weight is 100 lbs.

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  • The product is a heavy duty, weatherproof punching bag with a triple backstitched reinforced exterior.
  • It is perfect for punching, kicking, and building balance.
  • The filling is made of high quality shredded cotton fabric.
  • The double ply hanging straps have triple stitched D ring tabs to alleviate chains and excess noise.
  • A balanced weighting system keeps the bag true and dependable during extended training.


  • Stitching Is Good
  • Material Is Durable
  • Kicking Feel Great
  • Overly Stuff And Balance


  • The White Prolast Decal On The Top Can Be A Little Sharp Around The Edges If You Plan On Throwing Elbows