NSG Freestanding Base Punching Ball with Spring Loaded Height Adjustable Stand

The NSG Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves Set for Kids is a great way to get active and keep fit. This set includes a base, a spring-loaded adjustable pole, an inflatable stitched punching bag, and a pair of 4oz. boxing gloves. The base is made of durable blow molding plastic that is safe for kids to use. The spring-loaded adjustable pole provides height adjustment and is easy to set up in seconds. The inflatable stitched punching bag is perfect for active play and is durable enough to withstand multiple hits. The 4oz. boxing gloves are designed for comfort and feature a double-wrapped thumb.

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  • The product includes a pair of junior boxing gloves and a blowmolded base that can be weighted with water or sand.
  • It is designed to help develop fitness, boxing skills, and hand eye coordination.
  • The product is made in the USA and is designed to be portable.
  • The product comes in red and black colors.


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  • Teach Grandson How To Defend Himself
  • Can Be Used As A Self-Defense Weapon
  • Made Of High-Quality Steel


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