No-rip 5 ft UNFILLED Heavy Punching Bag

The PROLAST No-rip 5 ft UNFILLED Heavy Punching Bag is perfect for anyone who wants to train or practice their punching, kick, or muay thai skills. This heavy-duty weatherproof punching bag has a triple backstitched reinforced exterior that can handle a beating at home or the gym. It’s also unfilled, so you can pack it with any old towels, shirts, jeans, bags, and other fabric material or insulation. The double-ply nylon hanging straps are perfect for keeping the bag organized and safe. And the triple-stitched D-ring tabs on the bag’s corners make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

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  • The product is a heavyduty, weatherproof punching bag that is perfect for boxing, kickboxing, and mma training.
  • It has a triple backstitched reinforced exterior which can handle a beating.
  • The bag comes with doubleply nylon hanging straps with triple stitched D ring tabs to alleviate chains and excess noise.
  • It also has a balanced weighting system to keep the bag true and dependable during extended training sessions.


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