Military Sandbag for Fitness 45-80 LBS

The Dimok Workout Sand Bag is perfect for those who want to achieve their goals through hard work and dedication. These sand bags are made of durable water and air-filled material that will keep you strong and provide you with a satisfyingly firm workout. The different handles on the bag offer a variety of exercises that will help you get fit and stay motivated. The foot pump makes it easy to do sit-ups and other exercises, while the weight scale ensures that you’re working out at the proper level.

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  • Dimok creates high quality products that help you achieve your best.
  • Breathe in live out instability training on a stable surface
  • Instability forces your core and smaller muscles to engage with the weight
  • Super portable, you can throw the bag into a suitcase and fill it up when you arrive at your destination.


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  • Can Be Used As A Weight Bar Or A Boxing Bag
  • Doesn’T Get Moldy
  • Stench Free


  • May Take A Great Abuse