Meister Speedkills Latex Bladder Replacement

The Meister Speedkills Latex Bladder Replacement is a premium replacement latex bladder that is perfect for use in all of your speed bags. This bladder is made from high-quality latex that is super durable and conforms to the shape of your speed bag. The exclusive valve design locks in air and the stem can be cut to any length, making it easy to install in your speed bag. It also includes easy-to-follow instructions to replace your bladder.

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  • The product is a premium replacement latex bladder for all speed bags
  • It is designed for quick and true rebounds
  • The construction uses only the highest quality latex on the market
  • It includes easytouse instructions to replace The bladder
  • The product is available in three sizes


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  • Nice Quality Replacement Bladder
  • No Leaks And Sturdy Construction
  • Love My Speed Bag


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