Last punch Heavy Duty Pro Punching Bag with Chains Empty

The Last Punch Heavy Duty Pro Punching Bag with Chains is a great way to get some serious punching practice in. This bag is made of high-quality heavy duty red canvas and features a stylish design. The bag is also equipped with chains that allow you to adjust the length and tension. The bag is perfect for any boxer or martial artist who wants to increase their skills.

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  • The bag is 50″ long with chains, 33″ without chains and 18″ wide.
  • It is made of heavy duty red canvas
  • The bag comes in a variety of colors
  • It is perfect for boxing practice


  • Great Bag For A Workout
  • Durable
  • Very Small Ripping In The Red Part
  • Clamp And Chain Extention


  • Needs A Clamp And Chain Extension