Krunchy Keto Bar – Salty Caramel Nut

The only thing better than a glass of ice water is a glass of ice water with a little bit of salt in it. We know you’ll be tempted to drink the whole glass, so we’ve included a little bowl for you to put the salt in.

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  • The Krunchy Keto Bar comes in a box of 15 and is only 2g net carb per bar.
  • The bars are made with milk chocolate with fibers and sweeteners.
  • They are keto friendly snacks that can be enjoyed at any time.
  • The bars are GMO free and use high fiber and low carbohydrate ingredients.


  • The Mitten’s Are A Great Brand
  • They Have A Long History
  • They Make A Variety Of Styles
  • They Deliver On Mothers Day


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