Keto Krisp Protein Snack Bars Bundle

The Keto Krisp Protein Snack Bars Bundle is a great way to get some variety in your life. This bundle includes two of our most popular flavors: Almond Butter and Almond Butter Chocolate Chip. These bars are perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight or keep it off, or for those who want to eat healthfully. They’re also great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts because they’re high in protein and low in sugar.

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  • Keto Krisp Protein Snack Bars are made with almond butter, chocolate chips, and have no artificial ingredients.
  • They are low in sugar and contain no preservatives.
  • The snack bars are conveniently packaged in resealable packets.
  • Krisp bars make for a great onthego snack or meal replacement.


  • Tastes Great
  • I Regularly Take It On My Backpacking Trips
  • If They Cost A Little Less, I Would Have Given Five Stars All Around


  • The Bars Taste Great But The Price Is A Little High.