Jayefo Trexter Heavy Punching Bag 6 5 4 FT 10 Year Warranty

The Jayefo heavy punching bag is perfect for any training or fitness goals. The durable design is made of high-quality materials that will last you for years to come. The extra-heavy duty free hanging straps are perfect for keeping the bag in place while you train.

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  • The product is a punch bag for boxing gloves
  • It comes with free hanging straps and steel hooks
  • Made with premium quality PU leather
  • This makes it more affordable and safe to purchase
  • You can practice various sports with this bag including boxing, martial arts, muay thai, kickboxing, etc.


  • Great Bag For $26
  • Stuff It Yourself
  • 30+ lbs Loaded
  • Nice And Soft


  • Must Stuff It Yourself