Jayefo Boxing Gloves for Kids & Children

The Jayefo Boxing Gloves are perfect for any kid who wants to train in the comfort of their own home. These gloves are made from high-quality leather that is double-padded for added protection against injury. They also have a thumb-lock feature to prevent your thumb from touching the surface of the glove, which prevents injuries to your thumb.

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  • The Jayefo Boxing Gloves for Kids & Children come with a 5 year warranty.
  • They are made of authentic leather and have long wrist supports to prevent against wrist injuries.
  • The gloves also have a thumb lock feature to prevent thumb injuries and 2 layers foam for amazing shock absorption.
  • They are lightweight official weight and triple stitched for durability.


  • Great Gloves
  • Cotton And Leather
  • Vented Cuff Design For Better Ventilation
  • Disposable Molded Foam Rubber Hand Protector


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