Hawk Boxing Gloves for Men & Women Training

The Hawk Boxing Gloves are perfect for anyone who wants to get into the sport of boxing or needs some extra gear for self-defense. Made from high-quality leather, these gloves are designed to last. They feature a gel-injected thumb and knuckle pad design that reduces the risk of injury while providing maximum protection for your hands. With a five year replacement warranty, you can be sure that they will stand up to any training regimen.

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  • The Hawk Boxing Gloves are made of high quality synthetic leather.
  • They have a 1 year warranty.
  • The gloves are designed to protect the fighters hands during a fight, competitions, sparring, muay thai training.
  • They also have a thumb lock feature for safety.
  • The gloves have a large velcro wrist strap that ensures plenty of wrist security.


  • Reduces Chance Of Injury To Hands
  • High Quality And Durable
  • Sparring Gloves
  • Available In A Variety Of Sizes


  • May Be Too Small For Some People