Fun Little Toys Punching Bag for Kids, Age 3 – 12 Years Old

The FUN LITTLE TOYS Punching Bag for Kids with Boxing Gloves is a great way to get your kids active and keep them entertained. This freestanding punching bag is made of tough faux leather and features a red and black design. It is easy to assemble and inflate, and the set comes with a stand that makes it adjustable to any height. The strong spring allows the punching bag to bounce back after each hit, making it safe for kids to use.

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  • The product is a freestanding boxing ball set for kids which includes a pair of red and black punching mitts, an inflatable punching bag, a round standing base pedestal and an air pump with needle.
  • It is easy to assemble and has a detailed assembly instruction.
  • The height of the punching ball stand is adjustable from 27 inches to 41 inches to accommodate children’s heights.
  • It is made out of tough PU leather material which allows the punching ball to bounce back into place after every hit.


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  • Sturdy
  • Can Take Impact
  • Can Be Used As A Playground
  • Made Of Wood
  • Canopy Included


  • None Found