Everlast Speed Bag 10X7 (4242)

The Everlast Speed Bag is perfect for those who want to train with a punch bag that will last them for years. Made of high-quality leather, this bag is durable and will last you a long time. The Everlast Speed Bag features a black finish that will help you stand out in any gym or training room. With a weight of 0.6 pounds, this bag is easy to carry and will provide you with hours of fun.

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  • The bag is made of leather and has a black color.
  • It is a speed bag that can be used for boxing practice.
  • The dimensions of the bag are 10 inches by 7 inches, making it large enough to fit most people.
  • It comes with a reinforced seam in order to make it more durable.


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  • Smaller Size
  • More Challenging
  • Can Be Pumped Up More Frequently


  • Intake Valve May Wear Out Too Quickly