Everlast everhide Speed Bag

The Everlast Everhide Speed Bag is a durable and reliable training tool that will help you achieve your goals. The bag is made of a high-quality, thick material that will stand up to even the most intense workouts. The Everlast logo is printed on the front of the bag in a variety of colors, so you can identify it easily. The back of the bag is black, so it will always be easy to find.

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  • The Everlast EverHide Speed Bag is a durable bag that will last for a full year.
  • It is made from Everlast’s high quality materials for long lasting, unmatched durability.
  • Perfect balance and shape allows for accurate rebounds every time while training.
  • Get your hands up to speed with the EverHide Boxing Speed Bag.


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  • The Inside Ballon Is Made Of High Quality Material.
  • It Has A Good Amount Of Inflation.
  • It Is A Good Size.
  • It Is A Round Shape.


  • The Inside Ballon May Not Be As Durable As Other Types.