Everlast 80-Pound Platinum Heavy Bag

The Everlast 80-Pound Platinum Heavy Bag is perfect for any boxer or martial artist. Made from durable and long-lasting synthetic leather, this bag is built to last. The double end attachments provide added durability and resistance, while the adjustable chain accommodates a wide range of users. The redesigned webbing system is more durable and safer, and the bag is constructed from durable and long-lasting synthetic leather.

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  • The Everlast 80pound Platinum heavy bag is made from durable and long lasting synthetic leather
  • It has a double end attachment for greater resistance
  • The bag also features an adjustable chain to accommodate all sizes of users
  • Finally, the webbing system is designed to be durable and safe


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  • Great Bag
  • Fifty Dollars
  • Made Of A Rough Material
  • Not Exactly As Described


  • The Bag Is Made Of Some Abrasive Material That Is Very Rough On Bare Skin