CLETO REYES Platform Speed Bag

The CLETO REYES Platform Speed Bag is perfect for those who want to improve their reflexes and coordination. This bag is made with head leather and a tough nylon lining, and it comes with one bladder and one spare. The piping colors may vary, so be sure to check your bag before purchasing. It also has a brand logo on it, so you know it’s quality.

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  • Made with head leather and a tough nylon lining
  • Excellent for reflex and coordination practice
  • The smaller, the faster
  • One bladder and one spare included
  • Piping colors may vary


  • Symmetrical
  • Nice Soft Leather
  • Narrow Attachment Loop
  • Spare Bladder For When The First Bladder Ever Leaks


  • Inflatable Bag May Leak Air If Not Inflated With Gylcerin