CLETO REYES Hook and Loop Leather Training Gloves

The CLETO REYES Hook and Loop Leather Training Boxing Gloves are designed with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality material made from Mexico. These gloves are perfect for sparring, heavy bags, and training in general. They feature a long-lasting latex foam padding that provides support to your knuckles and a great effect in every punch, as well as water-repellent linings that prevent moisture from entering the padding and keeping the glove weight constant. The hook and loop closure prevents eye injuries and sprain of the thumb, and the attached thumb prevents injury to the cornea.

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  • The product is designed to be an anatomically correct glove, preparing the hand for proper training.
  • It also includes wrist support to protect against injury.
  • The glove uses a handmade leather strap with hook and loop closure for a firm, fast fit.
  • These gloves are perfect for training with punching bags or other hand exercise.


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  • The Gloves Are Designed To Train In A Boxing Style
  • They Are Made Of High Quality Material
  • They Are A Good Training Glove
  • They Come In Different Colors


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