ChinFun Taekwondo Karate Gloves Punch Bag Training Boxing UFC Muay Thai

The ChinFun Taekwondo Karate Gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort and durability during your training sessions. These gloves are made of premium synthetic PU leather that is soft to touch and easy on the hands. The gloves also have an EVA lining that protects the hands from shocks and impacts. The gloves also feature a thumb towel that can be used to wipe off sweat from the hands. The gloves also have a brand new design with a custom fit.

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  • The gloves are made of comfortable and durable materials.
  • they have a half finger design
  • The gloves wick sweat away quickly.
  • they are designed to fit securely and comfortably.
  • they are suitable for various sports such as sailing, kayaking, wind surfing, jet skiing, paddling, kitesurfing, wake boarding etc.


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  • The Gloves Are Designed To Protect Your Hands.
  • The Gloves Are Made Of High Quality Material.
  • The Gloves Come In A Variety Of Colors.


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