Centaurus Athletica Boxing Gloves & Headgear Set

The Centaur Athletica Women’s Boxing Gloves are a complete set that includes two pairs of gloves, two headgear, two hand wraps, and two athletic bags. These gloves are designed for women who want to train or fight but don’t want to wear the same pair of gloves over and over again. With a sleek design, these gloves are perfect for any woman who wants to feel confident and look great while doing it.

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  • The Centaur Athtletica’s Boxing Gloves are designed for women.
  • The gloves have shock absorption technology that makes them less likely to cause injuries.
  • They are made from PU leather, which is softer than other types of gloves.
  • The gloves have a mesh design, which allows for better breathability.
  • Finally, they come with two secure wrist straps and two athletic bags.


  • Womens Boxing Gloves Are Stylish And Comfortable
  • Triple Density Cheek Head Gear Is Shock Absorption
  • Customizable Wrist Straps
  • 2 X Hand Wraps
  • 2 X Athletic Drawstring Bags


  • Not The Best For Securing Wrist