BUNFIREs Puerto Rico Rican Flag Mini Banner Boxing Gloves Rear View Mirror

The BUNFIREs Puerto Rico Flag Mini Banner Boxing Gloves are made from a durable polyester material that is great for gift. These gloves feature a white, blue, black, or red design that is perfect for any occasion. The gloves also have a nylon construction that is resistant to tears and wear. With a durable construction, these gloves are ideal for any type of activity.

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  • The product is a pair of boxing gloves with the Puerto Rican flag printed on them.
  • It is made from nylon material that is durable and great for gifts.
  • The gloves have a white, blue, black, and red color scheme.
  • They are perfect for vehicles and transportation decor.


  • The M&T Design Is Unique And Different From Other Brands
  • They Are Made Of High Quality Material
  • They Are Durable
  • They Are A Good Value


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