Boxing Bag with Stand and Gloves ,Height Adjustable

The XINXIANG Punching Bag with Stand and Boxing Gloves is a great addition to any gym or home gym. With a strong, durable spring at the base of the shaft, this punching bag is ideal for those who want to increase their heart rate for a great workout. The adjustable height stand makes it easy to find the perfect height for you, and the red and black color scheme is sure to catch your eye.

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  • you get a brand new punching bag with an inflatable ball
  • a pair of boxing gloves
  • inflatable ball
  • durable base with a spring loaded adjustable shaft
  • adjustable height stand


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  • Allows For A Variety Of Different Styles
  • Comes With A Variety Of Decoration Options
  • Fits A Variety Of Different Sizes


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