Aqua Training Bag 15″ 75 Pound heavy punching bag

The Aqua Training Bag is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape or improve their existing routine. With a teardrop design and water-filled interior, this bag will absorb the impact of every punch you throw it, giving you an intense workout that will last for hours. Made in the USA with thick-walled vinyl and injection molded ends, this bag is built to last, and is also UV resistant and waterproof.

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  • The Aqua Training Bag is ideal for anyone of any level of experience.
  • Each bag comes in a variety of colors with a unique swirl pattern.
  • The bag is made of thickwalled vinyl and injection molded ends.
  • The bag can be hung from a ceiling mount or stand.
  • It is also UV resistant and waterproof.


  • Super Fun To Use
  • One Criticism Is That As A 185 Pound Male, Getting A Heavier One Would Make It More Swung
  • A Little More Swing Than I’d Like


  • As A 185 Pound Male, Suggest Getting A Heavier One.