23rd Street Creations 5 ft. Inflatable Punching Bag

The 23rd Street Creations 5 ft. Inflatable Punching Bag is perfect for those who want to increase their fitness level or learn new moves. Made of a durable PVC material, this bag is designed to withstand various activities. The sleek design includes targets for practicing the aim of a multitude of kicks and punches. After each kick or punch, this punching bag is designed to bounce back for a series of hits.

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  • The 23rd Street Creations Punching Bag is made of a very durable PVC material that withstands every hit thrown its way.
  • It has a unique design that allows for more striking ability because of its larger diameter and includes targets for better accuracy.
  • This product is perfect for the most energetic kids who need to release as much energy as possible.
  • It can also be used as a punching dummy to build endurance or upper body strength.


  • Punches Like A Bag
  • Bouncy
  • No Leaks
  • Filled Up Bottom First


  • May Not Be Suitable For Air Mattresses